Madagascar Adventures is the solution for those looking for a dream vacation in the company of a highly specialized guide, to discover the most magical places of this beautiful island. All you have to do is choose the route that best suits your needs and Madagascar Adventures will take care of accompanying you on this fantastic adventure. Unspoiled landscapes, animals never seen before, breathtaking sunsets and crystal clear waters: this is Madagascar. we want any travel desire to be fulfilled: dirt roads or rivers to cross, Madagascar Adventures will accompany you to the most remote and adventurous places on the island.


Petit Boucle

The ends of the earth

The southern seas, parks and all the biodiversity of Madagascar

Petit Boucle

South Adventure

The coral reef, the whales, the paths of the deep south

Petit Boucle

On the way to the sun

The pirogue excursions, the white beaches and the baobab's avenue

Petit Boucle

The other face of Nosy Be

Tropical beaches, dream backdrops, snorkeling and ... lots of relaxation

Petit Boucle

Along the eastern border

Indian ocean, river excursions and train ride

Petit Boucle

Northeast Adventure

The highest peaks, trekking and vanilla fields

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