Circuit of spices and vanilla

The exotic part of the capital & Sainte Marie passing through the pangalane canal


Journey, as original as it is engaging, to experience the adventure of the east through the highlands and wild nature, to end with a moment of relaxation on the island of Sainte Marie. Each day will be different and full of the known and unknown treasures of Madagascar: laterite, eroded limestone peaks and white sand, savannah, tropical forests and exceptional coasts, lemurs, whales, chameleons and many tropical animals.

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difficoltà tour madagascar

Difficulty: medium

Path accessible to all those who are in good physical condition; the paths in the parks have a variable difficulty.

itinerario madagascar


  1. Antananarivo
  2. Mantasoa
  3. Andasibe
  4. Canal de Panganale
  5. Palmarium
  6. Tamatave
  7. Foulpointe
  8. Maroantsetra
  9. Sainte Marie
  10. Antananarivo
tempi di viaggio madagascar

Duration: 15 days

equipaggaimanto madagascar


Comfortable equipment! Shorts, T-shirts, Cotton Shirts, Canvas Pants, Light Sweaters, Between Season Jacket, Walking Shoes and Tennis Shoes, Rain Cape, Flip Flops, Hat, Sunglasses, Full Screen Sunscreen, Fleece, Swiss Army Knife, Basket Bag, lighter, flashlight, binoculars, camera.

Travel Pictures

Day 1: AnTanarivo

Day 2: anTANArivo – Mantasoa – ANDASIBE

Day 3: Andasibe – Canal de Panganal

Day 4: Palmarium

Day 5: Palmarium – TAMATAVE

Day 6: Tamatave – Foulpointe

Day 7: Foulpointe – Tamatave

Day 8: TAMATAVE – MAroantsetra

Day 9: Maroantsetra

Day 10: Maroantsetra – Tamatave

Day 11: Tamatave – Sainte Marie

Day 12/13: Sainte Marie

Day 14: Sainte Marie – anTANArivo

Day 15: antANArivo

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