The ends of the earth

The southern seas, parks and all the biodiversity of Madagascar


There are simple trips to Madagascar and then there are real experiences to discover an ancestral nature and the peoples who inhabit it.

On this trip you will be able to really get in touch with the most authentic part of Madagascar, with its timeless history and with its most ancient and original traditions, with its biodiversity that has no equal.

Beyond the ends of the earth.

You will meet the people who live in the highlands, cultivating rice and building incomparable handicrafts, the people of the Ranomafana forest and the zebu herders of Ambalavao. You will be able to observe the lemurs of the Anja reserve, symbol of Madagascar, the canyons of the Isalo, the baobabs that characterize the road to the south. You will be thrilled to visit Tulear, the poorest city in the country, and to meet its children, who will be there to welcome you together with an association, which operates locally, to change its fate. You will feel alive in retracing the road of the nomads of the sea, along the south coast, and finally arriving at Anakao, where the rhythm of the days is marked by the sound of the pirogues that ply the waters of Andavoke Bay.

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Prices vary depending on the season, availability and number of people. Contact us indicating your needs and we will be happy to provide you with a detailed quote.

  • 4 × 4 car rental with Italian speaking driver
  • Petrol for the entire circuit
  • Transfer to and from airports
  • Transfer to and from the port
  • Fast speedboat transfer
  • Accommodation in hotels mentioned in the program or similar
  • Tourist taxes and tourist vignettes
  • Half board treatment
  • Tickets for parks and various tourist sites
  • Excursion to Nosy Ve and Nosy Satrana in Anakao
  • Madagascar National Park (MNP) certified guides for visits to parks
  • Solidarity share intended for local associations
  • International flights / airport taxes / entry visas and travel insurance
  • Air Tsaradia National Flight
  • Benefits not mentioned in the program
  • Optional activities and excursions to Anakao
  • Visits to tourist sites in Antananarivo
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Lunches
  • Drinks outside and during meals
  • and anything not expressly indicated in the “included” item
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  1. Antananarivo
  2. Antsirabe
  3. Fianarantsoa
  4. Ambalavao
  5. Ranohira
  6. Tulear
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This is a “standard” program, which arises from our in-depth knowledge of the area; if you want to add or delete some stages, you can increase or decrease the number of days. We remain available to help you work out the best route.

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Difficolty: easy

Path accessible to all including children.

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Comfortable equipment! Shorts, T-shirts, Cotton Shirts, Canvas Pants, Light Sweaters, Between Season Jacket, Walking Shoes and Tennis Shoes, Rain Cape, Flip Flops, Hat, Sunglasses, Full Screen Sunscreen, Fleece, Swiss Army Knife, Basket Bag, lighter, flashlight, binoculars, camera.

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Domestic and international flights are NOT included in the tour.


DAY 1 - Towards Antananarivo

Your Journey beyond the ends of the Earth starts from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, with its incredible multitude of treasures to discover. The chaos of the city might hit you, but don’t worry! Upon your arrival at IVATO airport we will be there to welcome you to accompany you to the hotel, a relaxing location surrounded by greenery.

Accommodation at:  Au Bois Vert  or similar

DAY 2 - The artisans of the central highlands

The next morning we will leave early: along the RN7, we will stop in Ambatolampy, a small village of incredible charm, where we can admire the local artisans at work. The tour will continue through the highlands of central Madagascar and the rice fields, typical of the region. We will then make two stops to admire the charm of two volcanic lakes. In the afternoon we will arrive in Antsirabe, to discover its artisan workshops.

Accommodation at:  Couleur Café  or similar

DAY 3 - On the trail of the lemurs

To see the wood sculptors of Ambositra at work, we will leave early in the morning. The tour will continue to discover the Ranomafana National Park and its verdant rainforest: in the evening, we will go in search of the very rare mouse lemurs and other nocturnal animals that live in the Park.

Accommodation at:  Setam Lodge  or similar

DAY 4 - In the city of the "many invincibles"

The following morning we will use it by trekking inside the Ranomafana National Park, in close contact with pristine flora and fauna. At the end of the journey, the journey will continue to the city of Ambalavao, in the land of the Betsileo ethnic group (“the many invincibles”). Here we will have the opportunity to visit the silk and paper factories.

Accommodation at:  Betsileo Country Lodge  or similar

DAY 5 - Anja's lemurs

The next day the tour will resume very soon: direction, the Anja nature reserve, with a walk in the forest among Catta lemurs and chameleons.

After having eaten lunch, the tour will resume towards Ranohira; along the way we will be able to admire the unspoiled landscapes on the slopes of the rocky desert, south of Madagascar. In the late afternoon, once we arrive at our destination, we will be able to watch an enchanting sunset at the Isalo Window.

Accommodation at:  Satrana Lodge  or similar

DAY 6 - Trekking through the Isalo canyons

After breakfast, we will leave for a wonderful trek inside the Isalo National Park, among canyons, caves, waterfalls and natural pools, where we can where we can even swim. We will establish the difficulty and length of the itinerary at the beginning of the route, together with the guide.

Accommodation at:  Satrana Lodge  or similar

DAY 7 - Discovering the Baobab

In the morning we will resume our journey along the last stretch of the RN7. To welcome us in the southernmost part of Madagascar will be the cardinal’s hat, an imposing granite massif. The tour will continue through the savannah, among baobabs and thorny plants, up to Tulear, where we will have the opportunity to admire a baobab reserve and the turtle village.

Accommodation at:  Eden Palm  or similar

DAY 8 - Emotions in Tulear

In the “classic” tours of Madagascar, the town of Tulear is just passing through. On our journey it will instead be a unique experience full of emotions. In fact, we will dedicate the day to visit the EPP school in Tanambao Morafeno, managed by the Aid4Mada ONLUS association, where hundreds of children will welcome us to give us a warm welcome.

Accommodation at:  Eden Palm  or similar

DAY 9 - Meeting with the nomads of the sea

Destination of the day, the tropical beaches of Anakao: with an hour by motorboat we will reach the enchanting fishing village Vezo, the “nomads of the sea”. This will be the last stop on our “Beyond the Ends of the Earth” tour and it is in this area that we will spend the last days of our journey.

Accommodation at:  Peter Pan  or similar

DAY 10 - Timeless relaxation on the South Seas

We will spend the day in a timeless place, where life flows according to the ancient rhythms of nature. In the village of Anakao we can relax and let ourselves be transported into a dimension of incomparable relaxation. We can spend the day swinging in a hammock, lulled by the sound of the sea, or on a fishing canoe, snorkeling and diving in the coral reef.

Accommodation at:  Peter Pan  or similar

DAY 11 - On the beaches of Nosy Ve

After the previous relaxing day, we can think of spending our 11th day in Madagascar visiting Nosy Ve, a completely uninhabited coral island, reachable by pirogue from Anakao. Here we will be able to enjoy wonderful white sand beaches and observe the world’s southernmost breeding colony of tropical red-tailed birds.

Accommodation at:  Peter Pan  or similar

DAY 12 - With the spirits of Nosy Satrana

The last day at sea in Amakao we can use it by visiting the deserted island of Nosy Satrana.

After an idyllic lunch on the beach, we will be able to swim in the lagoon admiring the mangroves, woody plants particularly precious for the planet, thanks to their peculiar ability to absorb more carbon dioxide than many other terrestrial species.

The herons and the spirits of the ancestors – who according to the locals live under the branches of a large tamarind tree – will be the only ones to keep us company.

Accommodation at:  Peter Pan  or similar

DAY 13 - Water is a precious commodity

After our visit to Anakao, we will return to Tulear by speedboat. To guide us to discover the surrounding rural villages will again be the Aid4Mada Onlus association which, in the area, has built several wells to bring drinking water to the poorest. It will be a truly exciting day, which will help us understand how precious water can be.

Accommodation at:  Eden Palm  or similar

DAY 14 - Return to the capital

In the morning we will embark on an internal flight that will take us to Antananarivo. Having landed in the capital, we will spend the afternoon in Lemurs Park, a reserve that will allow us to closely observe numerous lemurs rescued from dangerous situations.

Accommodation at:  Au Bois Vert  or similar

DAY 15 - Return home

On the last day of our trip to Madagascar we will visit the capital, savoring its colors and scents. Upon boarding, we will be transferred to Ivato airport and from the window we will greet these places that will inexorably become part of us.

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